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Don't take my word for it. See what my clients say!

"Her suggestions feel genuine and sincere. I appreciate her straight and to the point approach and the suggestions she made for improving my work. Some were specific to this work, others more general and will be helpful with other stories."


"Erica had great attention to detail and a clear understanding of the expectations of the project. She was timely and great about communicating progress. I would definitely recommend her for other copy editing work."

"Erica is very attentive to detail and has excellent editing, proofreading, and formatting skills. She always meets deadlines, even when rushed on our end. I highly recommend her."


"Erica's attention to detail was like no other. She noticed things that I didn't even think could be storyline issues and explained herself in a clear and concise way. Her in-line comments were extremely helpful, letting me know exactly when something didn't work, but also when she enjoyed something. I highly recommend her to anyone thinking about editorial services!

—Chelsea Gray

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